Style Our New Silk Squares This Winter!

Style Our New Silk Squares This Winter!

Winter styling of our new silk squares. 

Available in two unique prints across five colour ways, our newbie scarves are going back to basics. Silk Twill is the fabric that we started out with on just a few silk scarves back when we launched at Top Drawer when I was working in London still. 

A leap of faith, I chose a fabric I loved, the most expensive (naturally) and reeled off my first ever designs and I was lucky enough to get an order of 700 scarves from the Tate Modern that same year. 

There is something about the way it picks up detail in the diagonal weave that is unlike other untextured silks, it adds depth in colour and has a beautiful drape, IF you’re using the best. 

Even Vogue agrees that the classic Twill scarf isn’t going anywhere and we were delighted to have our small Planets neckerchief featured in this article early this year. 

Our silk twill scarves this season are manufactured in Italy and finished with a machine rolled hem, providing the perfect mix between the traditional and contemporary finish we have used before. 

The new silk we are using also has brilliant show through of ink from one side to the other, which is something over the years we have learnt to be integral to our customers. 

The great thing is when styling our twill scarves is that you can chuck them on with the same old coat and jeans you’ve been wearing every day and instantly have a new outfit! 

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