Skinny Scarves Inspired By..

Skinny Scarves Inspired By..

Our recent scarf collection, FLOW was designed during the first lockdown, can you believe - almost a year ago. We are now in this position again which is making me reflect on what inspired our recent skinny scarf collection.

It is clear to me that the most prevalent inspirations speak loudly of freedom. From the free flowing shapes of the Art Nouveau movement and the wacky 70's kaleidoscopic shapes, yes - it is very clear to me looking back that these were designed during a time of extreme isolation.

Having designed squares, and large rectangles - something was needed that was SUPER easy to style. 

These scarves look just as good popped over a grey tracksuit as they do worn over a smart black dress, which makes them the definition of wardrobe staple! 

The geometry on nature has always been fascinating to me, the way that something so perfect in repetition and colour can be made naturally. From pufferfish crop circles to lichen and cell patterns, it is what inspired me with every single design from start to finish.And lastly, the style of the 70's really found its way into this collection. Not only were headscarves an integral part of hippie life, the patterns were psychedelic and the colours were bright. Prints using hearts and shapes that flowed from one thing to the next were dominant. Find some beautiful little hearts in our Twilly14  scarf.