Our Silk Skinny Scarves are IN!

Our Silk Skinny Scarves are IN!

After a long wait, and a long six months...we have a new scarf collection! Our premium skinny scarves are made of a double backed, heavy weight crepe de chine silk and are the ultimate gift, to yourself or a loved one! 


Each print as always, began with fineliner drawings, the craft element is always key to my prints. 

This collection was designed during full lock down, so to say it is wacky is an understatement. Within the confines of home, sketches began, drawings had colour added. Another cup of tea, the daily walk, and back to edit..

With no restrictions, routines..or anything in place, it was like I was designing whilst on my printed textiles degree course once again. 

They've got a hippy vibe, a rock star vibe and I very much hope they make you feel free and rebellious - even if our usual lives remain on hold for the time being. 

Wear them with your oldest jacket, your new boots, in your hair, as a scarf..however you like! They're to be enjoyed by the bold and kept forever!