Spotlight On: Retro Florals

Spotlight On: Retro Florals

"Fashion Is Obsessed With Nostalgia" - Prada

After the successful launch of our new retro floral polo tops, we thought we would delve into how to style them and what keeps them current, again and and again!

Think dahlias, roses, poppies...and cram them all in together to create a wildflower meadow, wardrobe of dreams. Add in some huge sunnies and voila! 

Bella's top tips for styling our latest product!

      • Style retro florals with brown, this instantly takes us back!
      • Style with orange giving everything that tinted glow, plus even if you don't usually wear orange, it suits a lot of people and goes with so much.
      • Very basic repetition and layering gives us a sense of life being simple, as well as a monochromatic print in any colour going from dark to light.
      • Tuck into skirts and add thick tights  and heeled boots for that leggy look!
      • Oversized belts and bold jewellery in resin and other bright colours add extra flower power vibes! 

Why do the 60's florals come around so often? We just can't get enough!

It really is timeless, will there be a time when we look at 60's style and think it isn't "cool" and totally above any other style genre? 

The prints represent an age of freedom, something that people will always feel the need for more of dependent on what is going on in the world..the most recent reason being of course, Covid-19 lockdowns. What better reason for prints that stimulate feelings of another time, one that was fun and fancy free!

Drawings are usually basic and quite playful, one motif is usually layered over and over. The lack of complexity again reminding us of life's simpler, fun times!