TALKING TO: London Makers Market.

TALKING TO: London Makers Market.

So excited to speak to Olivia from London Makers Market.

Let's get cracking!

1.So firstly I think the readers would be interested to hear what exactly your new business, London Makers Market is all about?

Hello readers! 

Lovely to meet you. I am Olivia, artist and founder of London Makers Market. I have always loved hosting, meeting new people and organising events. After successfully running a few Christmas exhibitions and pop ups over the last 4 years around London, and selling my work at craft fairs last year, I decided to bite the bullet and concentrate on launching a new market at the beginning of this year!

London Makers Market was initially set up as a roaming artisan market, showcasing different designers and makers from around London and beyond. Due to the current situation, we have had to take more of an online approach over the last few months, and adapt so that we can continue to support our creative community. We launched our first virtual market in May with 180 makers featured on our website, and a big shopping event on our Instagram stories with over 220 makers and small businesses. 

At London Makers Market we aim to help, support and promote as many independent businesses as we can, not only with our markets, but also with artist features, relevant blog posts and regular sharing of creative content. Whether online, or offline, the events are tailored so that there is something to tempt everyone. Jewellery, homewares, gifts, accessories, prints, artwork, ceramics and much much more. If you like the sound of this, please check out and sign up to our list for news, updates and event information.

2. Have you always been drawn to curating and organising events and bringing people together?

Yes! I think it stems from the outrageous parties my parents used to throw for friends at their house. It was always fun as a child to be included in these, and I loved helping my mum with catering, serving and speaking to guests. Hosting and cooking for friends and family remains one of my favourite things to do.

3. What is the most enjoyable part of your week with London Makers Market?

It always makes me happy when a new application comes through from the website.

4. What products from creatives have people been buying the most from what you’ve seen in the past few months?

Due to the vast array of different categories, it is hard to pinpoint a specific product that customers have been buying. That being said, I think print and artwork has been particularly popular. People have possibly had more time to think about filling their walls with art after having more time at home.

5. Any tips for someone wanting to take their creative side hustle to the next level?

I love this question and have been asking our makers the same thing. It is always inspiring to hear how others have pursued their passions.

Firstly I would have to say, just go for it! That is the biggest hurdle when setting up your own side hustle. 

Allocate yourself time to develop your ideas, whether it is after work or at weekends, and try and stick to it. It will be a slow process initially, but do not be disheartened. The more you do, the more you will learn. 

Make good connections and don't be afraid to ask others for advice or help. Be present, friendly and responsive in all that you do.

It is also a good idea to create something new and different, so that you really stand out. Don't be scared to 'show face' and create exciting video content - this is becoming more and more important in our digitally driven age. 

We all make mistakes - do not let them define your side hustle. Learn from them, adapt and move on. 

Hope some of that is helpful!

6. Who are three of your favourite makers that you’ve been shouting about this year?

Wow, this is difficult! There are so many amazing creatives that we have discovered and connected with.

Lunar James - Ari makes beautiful sustainable boho jewellery using shells and natural materials.

Luiza Holub - Stunning prints of botanicals and the natural form. 

Foredays - Caroline creates some stunning hand-built, one off ceramics.

7. Will you be putting on any physical markets in 2020 or do you find online is working well?

We really hope that our events booked in for November and December will go ahead, but it is so dependent on rules over the next few months. The online markets have been great for our makers, and we want these to continue for as long as we can keep them new and exciting. Staying active and being present is really important to us.