Talking to: Matisa Market.

Talking to: Matisa Market.

Last month, we interviewed our newest stockist, Matisa Market, a beautifully curated store in Suffolk. Philippa specialises in pre-owned luxury items but also stocks a few of her favourite brands and we are delighted to be one of them! Keep reading to find out more..

When you started Matisa Market, did you originally think that we would come around to where we are now where there seems to have been a shift (with a long way to go) towards buying less and better quality and of course buying second hand or was it always just something you felt drawn towards?

I have always bought secondhand when I lived in London, secondhand Levis from American Classics on the Kings Road and cashmere from Portobello Market - I love pieces being aged and having a story; also I was driven financially as I did not have the budget to afford well made, designer clothing! 

I never imagined that there would be such a shift; it’s been a huge learning curve for me and I am far better informed about Fast Fashion and how it is unethical, unsustainable and just plain wrong. 

Do you have any shopping tips for those looking to invest in pieces that are of a higher quality and how to spot a bargain in second hand pieces?

Have a clear focus about what you are looking for and what suits you! I’ve made mistakes - fallen in love with a pre-loved/vintage piece and bought it knowing full well it does quite fit or suit me! The classic mistake to make  - which can be applied across the board! - is purchasing for your ‘Fantasy Life’! I’ve got I much better at actually buying pieces that I can wear again and again and I can go to see my daughters in London and feel good and equally go to the farm shop without scaring the locals! 

How can people bring their unwanted premium clothing and accessories to you and how do you tend to vet the items before accepting them?

The best way is to DM me or WhatsApp me - initially if the client hasn’t been to the Studio before I suggest they check out the Directory of Brands on my website. This gives a clear list of the designer and boutique led brands I choose to re-sell. I do a 50:50 split with clients.  Then we book an appointment for them to bring the pieces in and I check them over for condition and saleability.  I then list everything on a spreadsheet and each client has their own unique reference.  As items sell I send the clients interim payments via bank transfer. 

What made you decide to stock the new Bella Singleton skinny scarves this season? 

I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them! I tend to stock new, luxury, ethical pieces which I would love to own too.  Also the fact that You are a local female led business, was important to me too. 

We know running a small business is all consuming, do you have any daily rituals that keep you focused and happy day to day, that are non negotiable no matter how busy things get?

I take Apothem CBD drops daily (I also stock them) - they are phenomenal and help me feel less ‘tightly wound’ and calmer! 

I do have my regular Pilates classes booked at  Studio Flex each week and dog walks with my sisters along the River are a great leveller.  

Once life gets back to normal, where will you be jetting of to first?

Puglia!! My partner Dom and I have a place there and we are missing it terribly! We also rent it out too if anyone is interested! 

Thanks Philippa! 

Visit Matisa Market online here.