Talking To: Stay in Supperclub.

Talking To: Stay in Supperclub.

This week, I spoke to Janine who is the founder of Stay In Supperclub. 

Janine founded this wonderful business during the first lockdown which makes it even more impressive. 

Tablescaping..sound familiar? Well even if not, it soon will do! 

The trend of creating beautifully decorated tables for home! 

Of course we all hope that soon we will be able to entertain people outside our own homes, but for now - it can give us something to look forward to in the mundanity of lockdown life! Plus with the sets from Stay In Supperclub you can let your creativity run free, why not give your kitchen table a bit of love..

1. What made you think of this idea? Were you aware of the growing trend of tablescaping pre lockdown last year or did it come out of nowhere for you?

The idea actually started during a lunchtime phone call with my sister, realising I had some free time I decided I needed a project. I started crafting in the evenings to create some fun elements to use over suppertime, after becoming bored of being sat at the same kitchen table each night. I loved making different handcrafted tablescapes and realised others might also want to mix up their evenings. Although I wasn't initially aware of the growing fascination with tablescapes, once I'd done a bit of research and discovered just how quickly they were growing in popularity, it felt like a no brainer to put Stay in Supperclub out there.

2. And have you always had an eye for creating/decoration/events and what is your background?

I grew up in a creative household; my dad is a graphic designer and worked in the industry before computers. So weekends were often spent making things by hand, we'd end up creating little projects and a whole lot of mess! I'm an interior designer specialising in French classical design, my projects are for high-profile clients so I unfortunately cannot show my work due to some tight non-disclosure agreements. One thing I love about Stay In Supperclub is being able to share my creativity in a contrasting relaxed/playful way.

3. We all need some escapism right now, which set is your current favourite?

'Into the Clouds' is definitely my favourite so far - I designed this kit over the summer months when I was itching to hop on a plane to a tropical island. I usually travel loads for work and I also like to squeeze in plenty of adventures with my loved ones. So with travel being impossible, I decided to design an in-flight experience with a sky blue table runner, fluffy clouds and menus shaped as boarding passes. That one was a lot of fun.


4. Have you been cooking some lovely things to go with your at home dining sets in the past year, and what is your go to dish for a Friday night when you're making an evening of it?

Suppers on the weekend are the highlight of my week for sure! Friday night starts with popping open some fizz, and nibbles whilst we whip up a feast. I could live on Italian food (I'm a quarter Italian) so homemade pasta in my great grandmothers ragu sauce is a regular indulgence. 

5. What is in store for this year, do you have plans for some new supperclub sets?

I have a crazy amount of ideas, but the first is definitely to host a real life supperclub using my tablescapes for decoration and cooking the supper suggestions that match the season. I've also started designing birthday kits, which I'm hoping to be announcing officially in the next few months. 

6. Anywhere you're hoping to travel to when we can?

Costa Rica - we had a trip booked which we had to cancel. I'm so excited to explore beaches, go scuba diving, visit some of the rainforests and really hope I get to see a sloth!

Click here to visit the website and see all their wonderful sets!