Central America

I have recently come back from a trip all the way through Central America, a place full of colour and pattern. One highlight was visiting the Mundo Maya Textile Museum in San Cristobal De La Casas in Mexico.

With a slightly weary head from the night before we stumbled on through the busy streets of San Cristobal markets filled with piglets on leads and chickens running riot amongst the chaos..we would find this place. With very limited Spanish and a few too many wrong directions we were relieved to find it right next to the Santa Domingo church.

Full of intricately woven Mayan textiles, mainly in the form of huipil's - a very simple tunic shaped garment that all modern day Mayan women still wear.

I thought my drawings were detailed but this was something else..

I let go of my my fellow travellers as soon as I entered this place..finding them all waiting for me outside whilst I got lost in the beauty of the museum, pulling out drawer after drawer of ancient garments.

It was (and still is) so important to their culture that when marriages were negotiated, the bride's skill at weaving was an important factor in determining the marriage gifts to her family. 

I should have dressed by example and bought one for myself to warm up in this bitterly cold Mexican town. 

The alternative is to make one although I'm not sure my weaving is up to scratch somehow..