New Season, New Collection!

We have a brand new collection and we hope you love it!

High Existence has been designed by Bella over the last few months and is now ready for you to wear. Sophisticated designs, printed onto only the most luxurious Crepe de Chine fabric, printed in the UK. 

The five piece collection of scarves are large in size at a whopping 136x180cm. 

Having looked at the market over the past few years there seemed to be a lack of oversized wearable silk scarves. Sure enough you get to Autumn and we have our usual block coloured, woollen oversized pieces from the high street stores, but silks seem to get left behind. 

Often silk scarves are seen as for Summer only, which is why this collection has been designed to be worn in all seasons. 

Crepe de Chine has a wonderful feel to it, very malleable and easy to wear. Much less 'silky' than the previous collection printed on Silk Twill, the Crepe de Chine allows a casual and effortless look. 

The size means you can wrap it around and around and around..ensuring those winter days won't bite too much. Tuck under a stylish wrap coat or wear it blanket style for a chic finish to your outfit. 

One of the best ways to wear this size and to show off the intricate pattern is to fold them length ways in half and in half again and voila, you have a heavy in weight, skinny scarf..the options are endless. 

Bella is travelling to Central America this Autumn and of course will be making sure a sarong is at the ready..